We started organising international non-profit tech conferences in 2013, with the vision to bring worldclass knowledge to Budapest and turn it into a major innovation hub in Europe.

AMUSE is an international User Experience conference for anyone interested in how to design and develop successful products that users love.

Stretch is a leadership conference for everyone who wants learn more about the tools of a successful manager,  inspired by stories from leaders in great organizations as they talk about the challenges of leadership.

Craft is a software craftsmanship conference about new trends and technologies to show which tools, methods, practices should be part of the toolbox of a modern developer and software company.

Crunch is a practical big data and data science conference for people interested in building the finest data driven businesses no matter the size of their business or the volume of their data.

Mloc.js is a JavaScript conference for people interested in the future and possibilities of the language, focusing on large scale projects with millions lines of codes.

Redefine is a design conference that explores the multiple forms of design in today’s mutating professional reality with bringing together a diverse collection of design professionals.